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For everything you need to know before you go, check out our FAQ! Everything you need to know, in one convenient space, we hope to see you soon!
Can I have a campfire at my site?
Every site has a fire ring. All fires must be kept in designated fire rings only. Firewood is available for purchase by the bundle at the store, and we’ll even deliver it to your site.
Can I bring my own firewood?
Yes, you can, if it is sourced in the State of Maine. There is no transporting of firewood across state lines to prevent the distribution of disease/pest. Please read the policies from the State below:
No cutting of firewood is permitted in the campground or abutting properties. All firewood brought into the campground must be removed before checkout. Firewood, kindling, and paper must be stored a minimum of 10′ from the campfire ring.
Emergency Order Restricting Transportation of Firewood Into the State of Maine
No person shall bring firewood into Maine unless it has been treated so that its core temperature has reached at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes and is accompanied by a certificate or label from a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) qualified treatment facility, or similar documentation of treatment from an analogous state agency in accordance with the USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Treatment Manual, or from analogous Canadian authorities attesting such treatment. Any person stopped at the New Hampshire border with firewood who cannot demonstrate its prior treatment, or prove that the firewood originates from a local Maine source, may be required to turn such firewood over to the Maine Bureau of Forestry officials.
WARNING: Persons with firewood that was not originally purchased in this State may be unknowingly transporting Asian long-horned beetles and/or emerald ash borers, insects that are highly destructive to forests. Unless your firewood has a treatment certificate or label, it should all be burned within 24 hours, or driven directly to Bureau of Forestry or Parks and Lands facility for responsible disposal. All camper firewood, brought into this campground, is subject to inspection and potential confiscation by Maine Bureau of Forestry or Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands personnel.
PENALTY: In accordance with 12 M.R.S. §9701, any person who violates any requirement of this Emergency Order commits a civil violation for which a forfeiture not to exceed $1,000 may be adjudged. Each day of a violation shall be considered a separate offense.
Is there a lot of wildlife in your park?
We have a lot of small wildlife, but larger animals tend to shy away during the busy seasons. But, please keep in mind, that you are camping outdoors! Be alert and give them distance and respect. Keep dogs on a leash and properly store food, trash, and cooking supplies. Your safety and the future of wildlife depends on you.
What are the dates for the 2024 season?
May 10 - Oct 15, 2024
Can you fill my propane tanks?
Yes, we can! Please reach out to the office when you are on your site for a fill up and our employees will handle it from there!
I need to cancel, what do I do?
Please see our Cancellation Policies and / or speak with an office employee. We do our best to work with you, but please try to cancel within our allotted timeframes and remember that camping is an all weather occasion.
Can I bring my own golf cart?
Yes! We do rent them, but if you have your own personal one, you can bring it. It costs $50.00 to register it for the season and you must display a registration sticker. Paperwork is signed and rules are given at check-in. All personal golf carts must obey campground rules and be insured!
Can I bring my pet?
We welcome you and your pet! We do require that pets be on a leash at all times and ask that you clean up after your pet. Dog bags and receptacles can be found throughout the campground. We require proof of rabies vaccination on file in the office for everyone’s safety and have a Dog Park for your furry friends. Pets cannot be in public areas such as the store, playground, or poo. Pets are welcome in all of our cabins except the Treehouses. We charge $20.00 per pet, per reservation on rental units. Campers are responsible for any damage their pets cause.
I have multiple vehicles, how many can I have at my site?
We try to limit it to two registered vehicles per campsite with mirror tags. Additional vehicles must be left in the Visitor’s Parking Lot. All “Visitor” vehicles must have a visitor mirror tag with the site number. Do not park on other campsites without asking about availability at the Office.
When do you have daily activities?
We offer daily activities June 24 – Aug 23, 2024. Before and after this date range, we only offer themed weekend activities.
Can I have visitors while I camp?
Visitors are welcome! Any person or persons who are not named on the initial registration form as a “Registered Camper”, and who has entered the campground is considered a visitor. Please direct visitors to register at the Registration Office upon entry. Day visitors must check out and leave the campground by 9:00pm unless registered as an overnight guest. Overnight visitors must check out at the office and leave the campground by 11:00am, or an additional fee may be applied to the following day. Visitors have a $10.00 fee, per person, during peak season, off season discounts may apply. All visitors must wear a wristband.
What's the speed limit in the campground?
5 miles per hour!
What is your policy on Cigarettes / Cigars / Smoking / Drugs?
The use or sale of any type of drug is strictly prohibited. Public use of marijuana is prohibited as per Maine Statues and Campground Policy.
Tobacco products may be used on your campsite or in one of the designated smoking areas that are located around the campground. Smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes and vaping, is prohibited in all other areas, including all campground buildings, rental units, public gathering areas, playgrounds, and within the pool areas.
Please do not throw or deposit cigarette or cigar butts on the grounds. The discarding of cigarette butts can be done in a neat and safe manner, either by burning them or putting them in the proper receptacle containers.
Cigarette / Cigar butts left on the ground are not healthy for children or animals. No chewing tobacco or snuff shall be used if such use involves spitting on the ground.
When is the pool open?
 The pool is open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, upon managers discretion. It is open daily during this time from 9:00am – Dusk. Please see our Policies Page or signs onsite for pool rules.
Can I bring floats, rafts, or other inflatable toys in the pool?
Floats and noodles are allowed, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of others. On weekends during the summer it is usually difficult to use one of these devices, except for small infants. Please see our Policies Page or signs onsite for pool rules.
Can I bring fireworks or firearms?
No. The use, display and possession of firearms, air arms, paintball guns, fireworks, explosives (including common child favorites known as “bang pop noisemakers” or “pop pop snappers”) or any type of weapon is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule may result in eviction. (Sparklers are permitted with parent supervision. Please do not let your child use them in public areas.)
When is the Bouncy Bear Zone open?
The Bouncy Bear Zone is open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. It is open weekend only until June 18, and then open daily until August 27. It is our play area with a jump pad, bounce house, and 2 inflatable water slides. Rules are posted on site and an attendant is present. There is no additional entry fee for this Bouncy Bear Zone. Hours of operation are posted in the store.
When is your Store/ Office open?
Our Ranger Station is open daily! Hours vary in the Spring and Fall, based on demand, and manager’s discretion, but in the summer months it is open 9:00am – 8:00pm daily, close a little earlier on Sundays. Hours are posted at each door to the Ranger Station.
When are your Quiet Hours?
Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm to 7:00am, Sunday – Thursday and 11:00pm to 8:00am on Fridays and Saturdays. Please see our Policy Page for all rules.