Comfort Stations

Open 24 hours. We have 4 washroom facilities spread throughout the campground, all are furnished with free showers. Clean showers and bathrooms are a priority.

bathhouse at yonderhill jellystone park™ in maine

Ranger Station

Open 10am-5pm (longer during peak season). If you have left something at home, have no fear! We sell RV supplies, basic food items & snacks (pizza, mini donuts, ice cream, shakes, Slush Puppies, popcorn & coffee). Also firewood, ice, bait, propane and Yogi Bear™ souvenirs.

Dishwashing Stations

Open 24 hours. We have 3 stations to wash your dishes, located at three of the comfort stations. Dish soap is provided.

Suds Station

Open 24 hours. We have a laundry facility located across from our pool. Laundry soap and fabric softener available for sale in the Ranger Station. A change machine available in the Rec.

washers and dryers